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About Artesana

Thais the Artesana fell in love with ecological gardening during her time working and living at a permaculture farm in Hawaii. Her focus is on creating landscapes that are not only beautiful but also productive, educational and regenerative, bringing a myriad of benefits to both the people and the ecosystems she serves. She studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida and holds a Masters in Environmental Science from Florida International University. 

Our team includes a talented group of collaborators including a local farmer, metal workers and gardeners.

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Our Philosophy

At Artesana Gardens our aim is to connect people with nature through creative design. We believe a garden is much more than a sum of its parts. A garden can transform a person, a school or a community.  It can create bonds, help you unwind, inspire creativity, and feed and nourish the body and soul. 

Our process is to work with our clients to establish their needs and desires, whether it is to grow some of their own food, create an interesting place for kids to learn, attract pollinators, or simply add color and beauty to their space while simultaneously ensuring the most earth friendly practices are used to achieve these goals.

We utilize Sustainable Gardening Practices including:

  • creating a safe havens for birds and beneficial insects

  • potentially reusing materials that are already on-site

  • proper selection and placement of plants which results in more efficient water use, minimal need for fertilizers and pesticides,

  • integrated pest management, employing least toxic means to keep a garden healthy, including using beneficial insects, good cultural practices and selecting plants which will thrive.

  • utilizing environmentally friendly products 

  • smart irrigation technology, such as drip and micro-jets

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